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Our staff of qualified professionals can help reduce the health and financial risks of environmental hazards.

ACS is capable of meeting your environmental related engineering and analytical needs. The following is a brief description of the services we provide.


Many building components may contain asbestos, such as insulation, floor tiles, mastic roofing, and sidings. When disturbed or damaged, asbestos can cause significant health threats. We can test your home if you are planning on renovations or just want to know if there is asbestos in your home. Asbestos related services provided include building surveys (pre-demolition and general), asbestos abatement air and/or project monitoring services, bulk and air sample collection and laboratory analysis. Building surveys are performed to identify asbestos-containing materials (ACM) through inspection, sampling and analysis. At the completion of an asbestos survey, a comprehensive project report is prepared to provide the client with information relative to the types and quantities of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) identified, the locations and condition of the identified materials, and options for appropriate or acceptable management of identified ACM. ACS has provided survey and management plans for industrial and commercial clients that will meet or exceed the current guidelines. Air sampling and project monitoring services are provided to ensure that asbestos abatement projects are completed in accordance with applicable federal, state and local regulations.
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In New York State, building owners are required to utilize a certified and licensed Third-Party Project Monitor and Air Sampling Technician on most asbestos abatement projects, per 12 NYCRR Part 56-4 and 56-9. Working as the eyes and ears of the building owner, this service involves the use of certified personnel on your asbestos abatement projects to ensure that all contract specifications and regulations are strictly adhered to by the abatement contractor. We offer specially trained New York State Certified project monitoring personnel to oversee compliance with all regulations. With ACS Environmental Services being your Project Monitor, you can rest assure the asbestos abatement project will be completed in a safe, efficient and professional manner. Due to potential conflicts of interest, asbestos abatement contractors cannot hire or provide required monitoring, clearance, and area air sampling services on their projects.
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ACS Environment Services specializes in lead based paint inspections. We use an RMD LPA-1 XRF Analyzer. X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is the state-of-the-art method for identifying lead based paint. XRF lead paint analysis is a quick, non-destructive testing method that can read through multiple layers of paint (up to 3/8 of an inch) on a surface. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) specifies XRF sampling as the method of choice for lead-based paint inspections in housing. We perform inspections on single, multi-family dwellings as well as apartment buildings, commercial properties, schools, daycare centers, medical offices and sites under construction. We can perform all of your inspection needs, weather it is for home owners insurance or to get approved for a mortgage and most important to comply with federal, state and city regulations governing lead based paint. If you own a building in New York City that was built before 1960, with 3 or more apartments, where a child under 7 resides, you have obligations under Local Law #1. The law also places certain responsibilities on owners in post-1960 to pre-1978 buildings where the owner knows there is lead based paint. Owners whose buildings fall into this category should consult the law. ACS Environmental Services can help you understand and fulfill these obligations in a simple, timely, and cost-effective manner.
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At the completion of a lead abatement project, a qualified and experienced technician is required to perform final clearance testing. This clearance sampling may include dust wipe sampling, soil sampling, and/or air sampling. A visual examination and collection of environmental samples by an inspector or risk assessor and analysis by an accredited laboratory upon completion of an abatement project, interim control intervention, or maintenance job that disturbs lead-based paint (or paint suspected of being lead-based). The clearance examination is performed to ensure that lead exposure levels do not exceed standards established by the City of New York and the US Environmental protection Agency, and that any cleaning following such work adequately meets those standards. ACS Environmental Services can provide qualified personnel to perform lead abatement clearance testing, and assist you with determining the requirements that apply to your specific project. Satisfactory clearance dust wipe sampling reports are required to remove (dismiss) any lead-based paint violations issued by the City of New York Department of Housing Preservation & Development (NYC-HPD) and when complying with an Order to Abate that may be issued by the City of New York Department of Mental Hygiene and Development (NYC-DOHMH).


A lead-based paint risk assessment of a residential dwelling is to discover any lead-based paint hazards. A risk assessment includes a visual inspection of the dwelling, an assessment of building history, age, management and maintenance of the dwelling, use patterns, and the number of children under the age of 6 and women of childbearing age who reside or frequent the dwelling in addition to sampling of deteriorated paint, dust and soil. A Lead Based Paint Risk Assessment identifies lead hazards and provides an action plan for dealing with any identified hazards which would include acceptable abatement and interim control methods based on specific site conditions.


ACS Environmental Services will survey buildings to locate areas of suspected mold growth or water infiltration. The extent of mold growth is determined and documented. The moisture sources, such as a broken pipe or damaged roof, are identified and recommendations are made to prevent future mold growth. ACS will also develop programs to abate existing mold and eliminate moisture sources.
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