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Project Air Monitoring

ACS Environmental Services has one of the most experienced asbestos project management teams in the industry.

Project monitors document removal activities, work practices, materials handling, site security, containment system integrity, and air monitoring results. Deviations from approved project plans, containment system problems, and unsafe work practices are swiftly brought to the attention of our clients, allowing them to take appropriate action with minimal delay.

Air samples are taken prior to the disturbance of any asbestos containing materials. This establishes background levels of any asbestos fibers that might be in the air at that location. In addition to baseline sampling collected prior to the abatement project commencing, air samples are collected during the removal phase of the work. Quality air assurance samples are collected inside and outside of the regulated work area(s). These samples are submitted for laboratory analysis using PCM or Phase Contrast Microscopy methods in accordance with the latest edition of the NIOSH 7400 protocol. The laboratory results during the work phase are reported within 12 hours of submission in order to determine any high fiber concentration problems that might exist inside or outside the regulated work area. If high fiber concentrations are found, the work is immediately stopped and corrective actions are implemented by the Asbestos Abatement Contractor as determined by the Asbestos Consultant. Final air clearance sampling is preformed at the conclusion of the work and prior to the tear down of the containment unit and demobilization from the work site. The purpose of the final air clearance sampling and analysis is to assure that the affected work area is clear of air borne asbestos fibers and ready for unrestricted occupancy. The number and locations of air samples are based on project size and containment procedures. In accordance with NYS Regulations (ICR 56) project monitoring and air sampling requirements differ depending on the size of the abatement project. Regulations are based on Project Sizes by quantities of ACM (asbestos-containing materials).

Asbestos projects

include Large asbestos projects, Small asbestos projects, Minor asbestos projects, incidental disturbance asbestos projects and emergency projects as defined elsewhere in the law.

  1. • Large asbestos project. An asbestos project involving the removal, disturbance, enclosure, encapsulation, repair or handling of 160 square feet or more of ACM, PACM or asbestos material or 260 linear feet or more of ACM, PACM or asbestos material.
  2. • Small asbestos project. An asbestos project involving the removal, encapsulation, enclosure, repair, disturbance or any handling of more than 10 and less than 160 square feet of ACM, PACM or asbestos material or more than 25 and less than 260 linear feet of ACM, PACM or asbestos material.
  3. • Minor asbestos project. An asbestos project involving the removal, disturbance, repair, encapsulation, enclosure or handling of 10 square feet or less of ACM, PACM or asbestos material, or 25 linear feet or less of ACM, PACM or asbestos material.

  4. Excerpts from NYS ICR 56 ASBESTOS Part 56 of Title 12 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York (Cited as 12 NYCRR Part 56)

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