lead based paint photo

Lead Based Paint

ACS can test your painted surfaces with a non-destructive instrument called an X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer for immediate results on whether the area contains lead paint.

We can also implement a thorough testing program that will include your water, exterior surfaces and the soil, which are all areas of concern to the health and safety of our children. All of our staff are trained in EPA/HUD standards, which is the accepted method and protocol utilized when dealing with lead based paint.

Title X, the EPA/HUD Lead Disclosure Regulation law requires that all pre-1978 dwellings (estimated to be over 64 million) are subject to certain disclosure rules regarding the presence of lead prior to a sale or rental. For owners of four or more residential dwellings, the federal requirements are applicable on September 6, 1996 and for owners of one to four residential dwellings, the requirements are applicable on December 6, 1996. (Federal Register/Vol 61. No. 45/Wednesday, March 6, 1996/Rules and Regulations.) Some states have pre-empted this Federal Law and presently require disclosure of such hazards.

ACS is licensed by New York State for the use of X-Ray Florescence equipment (License # 2723-3972).